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Ella Reid's Playlist
Iris and Your Beautiful Soul
Light it Up
Feed The Beast
Suck it up Buttercup
Sweet Angel
LIfe Without You

Ella Reid Bio

The music of Ella is an electric cacophony with cross over appeal mixed with her Alt Pop, Country, Folk influences. She is armed with bold lyrics that are relatable and genuinely stick in the brain.

Ella’s ability to weave a story through song is her distinct talent. Quitting her creative job in San Francisco to pursue her full time dream of being a singer/songwriter in Austin, Texas. 

Ella is now known as a dynamic power player in the Austin scene and a performing powerhouse on stage. Never looking back, Ella is set to continue her take over and she puts down music that can’t be easily compared to anyone working today. Her latest release, Big Girl Pants, is a perfect introduction to Ella’s world and unique musical vision. She easily blends pop melodies with country sounds, storytelling and the drive and glamour of rock and roll, giving fans songs they just can’t stop singing.

Her writing is more hook-and-melody heavy that rings of ever-evolving lyrical vibe and tends to be more positive and upbeat than most of her peers. These qualities make songs like “Suck It Up, Buttercup” and “Light it Up”instantly memorable!

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