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Interview with ELA August 12, 2019 by mindymccall


Q&A With ELA About her New Single Bringing her unique Music sounds to a new legion of Austin, Tx fans, ELA releases a new surprise single this week.

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Ela Shines As She Lights Up the Music + Fashion Scene

August 5, 2019

Ela opens up about her journey as an artist in the Austin, TX scene. With a fun, upbeat and spunky personality, Ela talks about how she took the brave leap to pursue music full time and is now lighting up the scene with her new single 'Light It Up'. Also, find out about Ela's Gas station glam! @e_l_a_shines 

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Single Review July 10, 2019 Interview

ELA Cover Girl


AUSTIN STYLE and BIG Moves with the queen of everything

Read the Article June 2019

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Read the Article June 2019

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Single Review by Joshua Corbin over at Vents Magazine June 2019

Light It Up” is everything you want it to be. It pops, pulses, and flashes with raw musical electricity and packs a tight punch connecting from your first listen. Ela is setting Austin on fire for a reason!” 


Exclusive Q&A Michael Rand with ELA July 12, 2019


Single Review Kim Muncie - NeuFutur Magazine June 28, 2019

Ela’s “Light It Up” is just the sort of single with a chance of pushing her budding career into another gear.


Single Review by Gwen Waggoner - Skope Magazine June 2019

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Interview Q&A with Country Disco Artist Ela

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Deeper Than Music Radio is hosted by founder music producer and recording artist Markivus “Furyus” Nious.  The shows platform is a talk radio program offering insight into the story behind artists and personalities and what inspires them as artists.  Guest featured includes international recording artists, songwriters, actors and producers.

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Podcast: Say It Loud

Austin, Texas comedian Matt Jones and local band, Fair City Fire, have teamed up to put together a podcast all about the local music scene. Each episode features compelling conversations with local songwriters, bands and other Austin music industry professionals. The show is honest, informative and always a damn good time.

Ella Reid Music has influences from rock, pop, and country and it shows in her unique sound. Ella and her husband Shane Hawkinson have been in a positive frame of mind ever since they moved to Austin a couple years ago.

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Podcast: Loving This Life - Episode Coming Soon

The Loving This Life Podcast hosted by Abbie Hillis, is about empowering yourself and others loving the life that you live.

For episode 6, I sat down with Ella Reid and chatted about the hyper-content world we love in and how she balances it in her creative life!

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